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Krystal Brown Goes Down Town

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Monica & Paloma

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Vanessa Bazoomz

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Emily George

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Too Much

OMG! WTF! *rubs eyes* Holy shit! To top it all off, we bring you "Too Much" which is probably the perfect name for this chick. With each tit weighing in at nearly 30 pounds, you could get lost or even worse, drown in there. When you get frustrated finding her hole, just say fuck it and aim for her titties, man oh man....

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Milan Summer

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Stacy Adams

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Melody Peters

I really think Melody is a damn good looking girl. I've never met someone that likes to model as much as she does! I've always loved working with nude-only models, and I think Melody thought she was going to get out of fucking me... Hell no! Not with a rack like she's got! Once I saw those tits, I knew we weren't going to give her money unless she spread her legs! My fingers needed to squeeze those juggs, and my dick was aching to slide between her tits for a damn good tittie fuck!

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Stacie Lane

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Skyy Black

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Candy Manson

I know you guys are going to think this is funny. Sometimes when I see tits, they make me think of eggs. I don't know why. The nipple reminds me of the yellow part. I felt like I was eating some big eggs while I played with her tits. My dick between those tits felt better than any words I can use to describe. It actually felt better than shooting my load. If you can believe that.

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Brandy Taylor

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Samantha Smith

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Angie Love

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Amy Ried

Amy is such a ham. She could pose in front of the camera all day long. I kept wondering when she was going to fuck me. I had to wait for what seemed like forever. When I did get the chance to fuck Amy, is was worth every minute of the wait. Damn, that girl has some nice tits on her. I can honestly say that Amy was a really good fuck.

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Pleasure Unique

Pleasure is a girl that is really true to her name! This chick can really suck and fuck a man silly. Combine that with her luscious set of chocolate tits and we have the perfect woman for any party!

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Damn - the tits on this white blonde were HUGE! I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to get to play with this girl Lucy - because her tits were something guys idolize, and I have to admit - I'm one of them! Lucy was a crazy fuck, but a damn good one, and when she started sucking my dick, I thought I was gonna blow my wad right down that throat of hers - she knows how to give good head for sure. I loved fucking the bald pussy on this whore, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat - especially after tittie-fucking and then cumming all over those big smothering puppies!

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Patricia Horney

Patricia knows how to please a man in more ways than one! With her thick body and even thicker tits, she finds ways to please men that some women only dream they could!

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Lanny Barbie

It was hotter than fuck the day Lanny stopped by. I had turned the air down about as low as it would go. I had to go out and get bags of ice to keep drinks cold. I don't know what the fuck was going on with the air conditioner. It got even hotter once Lanny got naked. I'm telling you, I needed a cold drink once I saw her nice jugs.

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Are you ready for some more giant black tits bouncing all over the place? Then you're going to love this movie. Nivea can do some crazy tricks with these phat titties of hers. But that doesn't top the crazy shit she can do with her mouth and pussy. And damn, that pussy is FINE! Shaved bald and tight as a drum, I could barely fit inside. And those dick suckin' lips of hers... it doesn't get much better than that. You'll love watching Nivea deep throating some big ass cock and getting that tight little bald pussy of hers stuffed to the rim. Enough reading already, watch this chick pour that oil all over her tits now. Enjoy.

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Jessica Sweet

What can be said about Jessica. I really liked her thin body and big tits. I only wish that I had more than one chance to fuck her. A one time fling sometimes just isn't enough. Sex is better when you get to know the chick. I think Jessica is one of those chicks that you have to get to know. I'm not saying she wasn't a good fuck, because, as you can see - she definitely was!

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Nina Star

Nina Star may be on the bigger side, but I guess there's more pleasure for the pushin! Not to mention, with titties that big and an ass that size, she needs all the support she can get. With tits bigger than my head, I almost lost my cock between them. If there was a titty fucking competition, this chick would definitely take the cake. It's obvious she likes to eat, and by the way she nearly swallowed my entire cock, I could tell she was hungry as fuck. For such a big girl, surprisingly enough she had a very tight little pussy that I could barely get inside of. This is one cock gobbler you're not going to want to miss.

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I try not to get emotionally attached to the porn chicks. You never know when you're going to see them again. Hell, you might never see them again. They might make a few movies and hit the road. I don't know why, but that's how it works. I will say that I found Mercedes to be very attractive and a nice girl. Not only that, but she was one hell of a fuck.

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Ms. Panther

I must say, Miss Panther has one of the nicest set of big brown juggs ive ever seen! I swear, those things have got to weigh 10 pounds each! Watch these big chocolate milk juggs get oiled up and titty fucked by a huge black cock! The pussy on this chick is so fucking tight, it was nearly impossible get that fucker inside of her !

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Bailey Bliss

Blondes with big jugs drive me wild. I can't contain myself when I'm around them! As you can see in this video, I slapped my face right between those tits of Bailey's! Greased those puppies up, rubbed them all over me! I'd look down at her tits while banging the shit out of this horny bitch, and my dick would get harder! Bailey's boobs - just another reason I love coming to work every day...

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Ms. Dough

Ms. Dough was a little bit of a butterface, but her body is absolutely perfect. Perfect sized tits for titty fucking and a cleanly shaven perfect little pussy. She didn't talk much either, so I just greased her up, put her in the buck and fucked that phat ass doggystyle for awhile. This ho had dick sucking skills too. She could do some crazy shit with her tongue that Ive never seen done before. If I hadn't pulled her off my cock so I could fuck the shit out of her, she would've probably kept sucking for days. This chick couldn't get enough dick and loved every single minute of it. I know you're going to enjoy this movie.

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