Three Faces of Angel

Classic porn with Angel, aka Jennifer James! This brunette beauty is a favorite for guys who love watching xxx films they grew up with! Catch Angel here as she shows off her sexy ass, tight firm body, and the moves that made her a porn star here in Three Faces of Angel! Angel sends a letter to her friend Cindy filled with sexual adventures. As Cindy reads the letter, Angel’s old photos ignite memories that take Cindy, and us, on a sexual adventure into the world of Angel and her friends. Each scene profiles a side of Angel you may have never seen - in other words, sex filled romps filled with this brunette babe! Come on over and check out over 150 Classic Porn videos here at Porn Classics!

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Madison Scott Fucked In Class

Madison Scott forgot her homework so she had to figure out a way to talk herself out of it. She realized that the pervy teacher had been eyeballing her and figured if she flashed her tits to him, he would forget about it. Once she flashed her titties, he flashed his cock and within seconds it was deep down her throat. You'll love watching the teach fuck the shit out of hottle little Madison in this one.

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Horny Black Mother Noel Starlet

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Simone & Sarah Summers

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Veronica Snow Loves to Blow

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 6-2

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Alize Gets Her Bald Pussy Pounded

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Black On Latina With Selena Rios

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Aracely Gonzales

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Kimmy Lee

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Samantha and the Deep Throat Girls

This dark & probing story, shot entirely in a lavish 13th century European castle, awakens the sexual desires that have lingered in the minds of every red-blooded man for centuries. In the tradition of "The Story of O", Ariel (Alicia Monet) has placed herself entirely in the hands of sexual expert Samantha (played by gorgeous newcomer Crystal Evans) and her staff of assistants. Together, they try to teach Ariel every trick in the book designed to please her lover. This bizarre sexual odyssey is for the more sophisticated viewer of erotica. It is an incredible performance that is sure to teach us all a new trick or two!

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You never expect any of your teachers to look like Kitty does, but this young babe was in college and getting a degree in education, so she said she had to "student teach" for a semester in our class. Of course all the guys starting staying, not skipping out, yeah, okay, so I was one of them with my dick getting hard every time this sexy black ass babe walked in the room. Didn't take too long, and all of us guys were betting who would get a chance to help Kitty with her degree first. Damn, wouldn't you know it, just happened to be me. One taste of my rock hard 11" cock and Kitty was definitely purring...

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Aykon & Caio Neto

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My Friends Mom And Me

OMG, I never thought this would happen in my life! I was over a my friends house waiting for her to get home and her mom started touching my leg, really really close to my pussy, i was like... whaaa?? But she kept moving her hand up my leg and finally was touching my pussy, but I let her, I didn't stop her and next thing you know we were both naked and eating each others pussies like crazy! I'm not sure that I'll be going over to her house anymore.

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Thick Booty Babe Eboni Ice

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Destiny Jaymes

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Making It Big

You dream of making it big, in fact, it fills your fantasies every day all the time! You'd love for these retro porn stars to be helping you make it bigger and better - and now you have the chance here at Porn Classics! Come and join this acting class with Jacqueline Lorains and Desiree Lane and find out what goes on behind the scenes with their acting lessons! Which porn starlet will come out on top, which porn starlet will make you big? From VCX - Unlike any movie about the Hollywood casting system, MAKING IT BIG takes us on a ride behind the scenes into an acting workshop that trains its girls in what really counts in the world’s movie capital: sexual performance! Our story begins with a young country girl named Cherry who has won a scholarship in the DuMar Manor School of Acting. She is informed their training method may be a little unusual but has proven to be highly effective. Cherry gets intimate lessons from several "instructors" on proper technique. She soon realizes the only way to beat out her arch rival Liz is to challenge her to a one-on-one competition during an audition for Hollywood’s biggest, richest, movie producer. The winner will literally be MAKING IT BIG!

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Monica & Paloma

Monika and Paloma are two big tittied interracial skanks that love to share a big black cock once in a while! It just so happens that today is our lucky day, they want to show this brutha what they are made of! Watch as these babes suck and fuck this guy silly in this exclusive thugs and juggs hardcore interracial video episode!

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Persuasion & Roxy Reynolds

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Jasmine Dreams

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Let me start by saying, I need to find this red-haired girl again, because I've had several requests for her from guys I know! They watched this video of her getting freaky with a friend of mine, and wanted to experience the same thing! Never knew I had such freaks as friends either! Jeznie is one hot blooded slut in bed! She may seem like she didn't want to be in an amateur flick, but once she knew she would be able to get out sex toys, tease the guy, do all sorts of kinky stuff, she was game - and it only cost me a few hundred! Damn, I love it when this happens!

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Thalia Festiny

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Angelita's Ancient Asshole

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She's got a tomboy name, but she really wants to be treated like a woman. So much so, in fact, that Chris wants two men to treat her like a lady in this scene. But in order for this to happen, she's offering up her starfish to two lucky guys at once. This anal freak can't wait for her costars to treat her like the anal-obsessed lady she is, both at the same time.

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Haley Sweet & Cherry Millenium

When Haley came over to babysit, my wife and I looked at each other and both thought, "Damn! This girl is cute!" so at dinner, we talked about asking Haley if she wanted to see what a big black dick looked like in real life and so we did. Haley was all over it and jumped on my cock. She ate my wifes pussy while I fucked the living shit out of her tight teen white pussy.

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Renee and her little pierced titties are enough to get just about any man worked up. But check out the apple shaped butt she has to offer! These three guys take their time and work her up just right in this extreme hardcore 4-way sex fest that includes DP, blowjobs, anal and just about everything else!

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Hot Black Cougar Envy Star

Envy Star is one horny ass black cougar and she needs to find some prey fast. This hot chocolate milf has the nicest set of dick suckin lips, made for giving sloppy wet blowjobs that you won't be able to resist. Watch Envy get her ass and pussy fucked hard in this hardcore movie.

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Little Coco: Boats and Blowjobs

Sometimes I go for the rich guys. Like this one who owns a boat. I get all hot and bothered over a guy that has money. Any woman that says different is a total liar. I want some of that dough to rub off on me. If you know what I'm saying. I can always use another sugar daddy. I can never have too many. My lifestyle is very expensive.

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Skyla Paris and Kim Kennedy

You get a blonde and a brunette in this one and they're both Latina! It's not everyday you see a hot blonde Latina girl, but they do exist. This one likes to mack on snatch too! Both of these girls get freaky with a couple dildos in this video. You're not going to want to miss this one.

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Kita Lane

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Double Your Pleasure 2x

Ready for 2 times the pleasure? Then you definitely want to check out luscious pornstars Brooke and Taylor Young! These two classic sluts love doubling up for sex, and they'll show you how much they mirror each other in the bedroom! It's time to Double Your Pleasure 2X! Pretty Jean and Jo Halliday, played by the real twins Brooke and Taylor Young, run away from their dirty old uncle and head for New York City to make their smashing entrance into the wicked world of "modeling." Meanwhile, uncle hires a private eye, a peeping dick, to track them down. The ending is a prick twister. How does the private dick solve the mystery of uncles missing money and collect his fee? Well, we'll save that juicy bit for the movies...

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