Fantasy certainly fulfilled quite a few of my own personal fantasies - she had one of the best asses I have ever seen in my life. I just had to get my hands on it, and when I finally had her I pounded that pussy so hard that she wasn't able to walk right for a week.

Video: 29:06

Photo: 60


We found Peaches roaming the streets late one night in a not so good part of town. We felt obligated to take her in and keep her safe, oh ya, and filled her tight little peach full of cream! Enjoy the free video, full length movie inside!

Video: 22:39

Photo: 64


Jade's tits fucking rock. That's all I could think the first time I saw her, and once I got her naked they did, indeed, still rock. I especially loved how she had a habit of mashing them together, even when her legs are lifted up high and I'm balls deep in that whore pussy.

Video: 22:50

Photo: 49

Brown Sugar, Menace & Leah

This trio of ghetto whores probably made up one of my favorite scenes here at Ghetto Hoochies. They were just all over each other, but the second they saw my dick it was like a light went on and they just had to suck. I'm sure as fuck not complaining.

Video: 23:58

Photo: 63


Erica was taking a nice afternoon stroll when we found her and she was eager to get in the car and start sucking some cock! Im glad I picked her up too, she has the tightest little body you have ever seen. Enjoy the sample video clip!

Video: 23:03

Photo: 56

Alayah Sashu

Alayah wasn't going to turn down random cash for sex, so she certainly had no problem hopping in my car and going back over to my place. I had my doubts on whether she would live up to a real freaky ghetto whore reputation, but I shouldn't have worried - she was straight up crazy and wild.

Video: 22:33

Photo: 46

Kisses & Kiara

Kisses and Kiara were both a bit on the skinny side for me - I like my ghetto whores plumped out. However, their titties were certainly impressive, so I invited them on inside. I ended up being very glad that I did - one blowjob from both of these chicks had me hard enough to rail them for the rest of the night.

Video: 31:56

Photo: 63


Brooke was more of an upscale type of whore, but all I really needed to do was start fucking her to bring out her straight up ghetto side out. Her smooth, shaved pussy stretched out wide to take my cock, and she just started moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs when she had some crazy orgasm.

Video: 25:12

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Juicy certainly lives up to her name - this black chick was juicy all over, from her big juicy ass to her soaked juicy pussy. I took full advantage of her willingness to do all sorts of shit, although the best was probably just when she was bouncing up and down on my dick. It's the simple things in life that I appreciate, after all.

Video: 13:55

Photo: 35


Taliah stretches up high for me, showing off her entire slender body. I know she's crazy, I know she's freaky, but fuck if I can resist this. I bend her over and start playing with her ass to get her warmed up. Then it came time to get my dick sucked, and I topped it off with a hardcore fuck fest.

Video: 15:19

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Lori Alexia

Lori likes to pretend that she's not a ghetto hoochie. I let her go along with her silly fantasies because, quite frankly, all I'm interested in is getting that hot black pussy spread around my dick. Anything else is pretty much dismissed out of hand.

Video: 23:25

Photo: 63

Chyanne Jacobs

Chyanne's ass was the type of thing that I dream about - it's fucking giant, bouncy, and hot as fuck. I literally could not imagine a world without her ass, so every time she gets bored I have this ghetto hoochie coming over for some fun. Most of this fun consists of me seeing how fast I can get this ass shaking.

Video: 26:30

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The only pink thing on Pink happened to be her pussy - but that is a rather important pink part, now isn't it? I stretched her legs out nice and wide so I could just fully enjoy myself on that glorious pussy of hers. She might be a bona fide slut, but at least she knew where she was supposed to stop at for her booty calls.

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This girl was an absolute knockout! The tricks she can do with her tongue were incredible! And she had the tightest little pink twat surrounded by some big ol' nice meaty black pussy lips! I may just have to go looking for this one again.

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Winter certainly isn't cold - this bitch is hot as fuck, and she's just made to fuck. She wraps her lips around my shaft, bobbing her head back and forth until I just have to pound it deep into her pussy. She loves it and even takes a giant facial at the end of the scene.

Video: 19:24

Photo: 30

Osho & Precious

Osho and Precious were two rather unique ghetto hoochies that came on through. I don't think Ive ever ran into chicks quite like this again...but the experience certainly stayed with me. They were everything I had hoped, freaky and fun... I just hope they show up again some day.

Video: 26:02

Photo: 44

Ashianna Rey

So maybe Ashianna isn't exactly the hottest looker. I don't know if you've been to a ghetto lately, but not all of them are hot chicks stuck there sucking dick for designer clothes. No, I run into chicks like this too..and honestly they're way better than those perfect 10 bitches.

Video: 27:15

Photo: 38


We found this ghetto slut walking through a fairly decent residential neighborhood. Either she was lost, or we just got sloppy seconds from whoever's house she had just left! Either way, the pussy was tight and smelled fresh!

Video: 34:51

Photo: 25

Chocolate & Sassy

This bisexual black pair came over looking for a cock to go with their slut holes, and I just happened to be there. Right place, right time for sure... They started off going booty to booty, and both of these girls have very large asses. I was almost concerned that there might be an ass tsunami.

Video: 28:35

Photo: 34


Unique certainly is unique, isn't she? She gets really nasty really fast. All it took was my fingers drifting down to her pussy. She moans like a wild animal and then sets upon me with the type of feral fervor that I've never seen before. I do know that I fucking love it, though.

Video: 20:08

Photo: 28

Aneva & Playgirl

These bitches were tough cookies. But cheap! I have to say they gave us the best bang for our buck! These horny sluts crept up on us while we were rollin through the hood and scared the living shit out of us. So we fucked the living shit out of them in return!

Video: 24:05

Photo: 37


Apple's tits were the first thing that caught my eye - her ghetto booty was the second. I was pretty sure she was going to be a good candidate for a fuck fest for the ages. Once I talked her into going doggy, it was a sealed deal - she was just fucking wild when it came to that booty shaking.

Video: 24:40

Photo: 36

Taylor Passion

Passion really lives up to her name. This hoochie has a serious passion for cock! I thought she was going to suck my cock right off. Actin' like she's trying to suck the meat off a chicken bone! This bitch sucked a hella fine dick!

Video: 20:40

Photo: 32


This girl was an absolute knockout! The tricks she can do with her tongue are incredible! And she had the tightest little pink twat surrounded by some big ol' nice meaty black pussy lips! I may just have to go looking for this one again.

Video: 19:59

Photo: 29

Angela & Donna Red

This pair of double bubble booties was almost too much to handle! Another fine set of black pussies off the streets of L.A. Its amazing how much pussy 100 bucks will get you in the hood. Your not going to want to miss this one!

Video: 24:53

Photo: 41

Mya Mason

Mya is almost too hot to be called a ghetto whore - but christ she has a mouth on her that is straight up slut. I didn't mind at all, of course. She could suck the cum right out of my balls, and keep on going. I don't think anyone would be able to truly satisfy this chick.

Video: 14:36

Photo: 25


This bitch was one tough cookie. But cheap!She gave us the best bang for our buck by far! She crept up on us while we were rollin through the hood and scared the living shit out of us. So we fucked the living shit out of her! Enjoy!

Video: 22:39

Photo: 81

Big Star & Lovely

Not quite sure why these two hoochies are only 18 years old and already on the streets selling pussy for who knows what! Either way, I took em in and fucked the shit out of both of them for a few hours! Hope you enjoy them, I did!

Video: 22:06

Photo: 31


I found India on a corner late one night and she seemed like she'd be able to suck a golf ball through a hose at any hour of the day. Testing my theory, she didn't disappoint and this ho showed off that she's not just a one-trick pony. She takes it all at any time with out any complaint and always a smile on that face- providing that envelope is full of dead presidents.

Video: 22:03

Photo: 22

Adora Diana

Adora has one incredible set of tits - so I just had to see if she could hold up in the bedroom as just as good. She had a great personality, a phat booty, and she wasn't afraid to let me do some really freaky shit to her. I was even choking the bitch in the middle of this rough sex scene and she just loved it.

Video: 23:13

Photo: 37

De Lava

D. Lava's face might look a bit beat up, but once I got her ass naked and turned around everything was much better. She just bounced that ghetto booty up and down fast enough that I thought it might fly off. When she tried that shit with my dick in her pussy I had to slap that shit down. For self defense, you see?

Video: 24:22

Photo: 65


Big bouncy ass - now that's what I'm talking about. Missy is really sporting the type of booty that I love to show off at Ghetto Hoochies. It's the type that you slap and it keeps on bouncing for minutes after. Now that can lead to some rather fun situations when I'm fucking her doggy style.

Video: 22:46

Photo: 45


Daisia is the type of chick that you go to when you're feeling a bit down. She never bitches, never complains, just comes over, gets on her knees and starts sucking me and fucking. This is the type of fuck buddy that you keep around for a very, very long time, let me tell ya.

Video: 22:36

Photo: 64

Charli Girl

Charli had nothing better to do on a Friday night, so I took her over to my place for some rough interracial fucking. I don't think she's actually had a white boy like me before, but I think I converted her over. Well, at least for the night.

Video: 23:27

Photo: 72


Japan - what kind of ghetto whore calls herself Japan? Well, this one does apparently, and not only that, she made me drag one of my friends out of bed so she could get fucked in both of her holes. While I usually don't like getting told to do this and that by a chick, she gets a pass on that one.

Video: 22:25

Photo: 80


Tianna could not stop smiling. At first I was worried that she was maybe some sort of axe murderer, but it turns out that she just likes sex a hell of a lot. That's a relief, at least. She made all sorts of noises that a good whore makes, especially when I had her on her back and spread wide.

Video: 24:29

Photo: 82